Technology Solutions

Technology has introduced revolutionary changes in all areas of life and businesses

At Bridge57, in conjunction with our strategic technology partners, we provide innovative technology solutions to address market and social challenges and the current realities of our customers.

Some of Our Solutions

Voice Biometrics Solutions


  • Efficient Customer Care Management
  • Voice Authentication
  • Fraud Detection
  • Effective Investigation Tool

Areas of Application

Financial & Corporate Institutions

Mobile Applications Developers

Fraud Detectors and Investigators

Some Benefits of Our Voice Solutions

  • Increase customer experience significantly
  • Increase call handling efficiency
  • Shortens Verification duration by not less than 90 Seconds per call
  • Reduce Customer Contact costs
  • Can be integrated with existing IVR systems
  • Easy to deploy and integrate

Authentication and Traceability Solution


  • Personalized Brand Engagement & Loyalty
  • Commodity Traceability
  • Tax Fraud & Evasion Traceability
  • Healthcare Compliance

Intelligent Transportation Solutions

  • Smart Roads Solutions
  • Traffic Lights Violation
  • Speed Violation

Does your organization require an innovative technology solution?