Kotigo – Audiobooks Platform

Kotigo, the pioneer Afrocentric Audiobook Platform is a dedicated audiobook platform created to avail diverse book readers with an alternative to traditional written literature materials and other related contents. The platform is developed with primary focus on content written by Africans for the African and international markets. Kotigo as one of the products of this drive was born out of the need to constantly ensure consumers enjoy products and services at a more convenient and soothing rate powered by creativity, innovation and engineered by progressive technology.

The Kotigo platform covers a wide range of book genres. The platform can be likened to a bookshop and a library of some sorts with wide variety of audiobooks. Some genres of books covered on Kotigo are – Business, Family, Children literature, Religion, Finance, Biographies and Memoirs, Academics, Professional, Politics and Nation building, Religion and many more. 

As a reader and an active learner, there’s so much to gain from Kotigo audiobooks platform. It is easy to access and free! Download Kotigo mobile app and usher yourself into a world of knowledge with no hassles!

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Date published

December 15, 2019