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Create The Future with Functional Innovation

Roseline Ilori
CEO, Bridge57

What to expect in this workshop

Lokesh Venkataswamy
CEO & Managing Director Innovation & IP Practice, Innomantra Consulting

• Introduction to InnoPRO™ Functional Innovation® framework - INVENT /IMPACT
• De-brief of Pre-Workshop Exercise

Rakesh Babu K L
COO & Executive Director - Innovation Practice Innomantra Consulting

• Functional Diagram Development & User Insights

Lokesh Venkataswamy CEO & Managing Director Innovation & IP Practice, Innomantra Consulting

• Two Functional Innovation Tools (Heuristic approach)
• Innovation Case Studies

Rakesh Babu K L
COO & Executive Director - Innovation Practice, Innomantra Consulting

• More Innovation Case Studies

Virtual Live Workshop:

Create the Future – Functional Innovation Methodology

A Systematic approach to accelerate profitable and implementable ideas in your organization


10th -11th Dec 2020 (11am daily)

A recent survey, CEO’s across the globe professed a focus on profitable growth backed by product, process and business model innovation. Organizations of today need to be driven by a win-at-all-cost pursuit of revenue enhancement and cost optimization, and have a longer-term focus on capacity building and developing strong culture around innovation and engagement.

Almost without exception, all high-performance organizations across industries and geographies have emerged and grown on the back of innovative ideas generated from within.  Borrowing from competition to do the thinking for you is rarely successful as a long-term business strategy. But, in a recent study by Innomantra, less than 20% of the participants stated that they have the knowledge of techniques to generate ideas systematically.


Why is this the case? 

In our experience, one of the fundamental reason for this knowledge gap is that most organizations don’t believe that idea generation can be managed effectively as a management process. But, this can be changed.

Join us to experience how your organization can transform the innovation skills of your people and enable them to innovate effectively at the workplace.


Create the Future – InnoPRO™: Functional Innovation Methodology®

Functional Innovation Methodology® is a unique and exciting approach that has been developed by analyzing and synthesizing more than 40,000 recent product, process, and business model innovations.  It leverages the best from the innovation approaches of Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Morphological Analysis and Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

Several leading global fortune 500 companies to name few ABB, Alcatel-Lucent, Atkins, Bharat Electronics, Google, Hindustan Aeronautics, Harman International, Ingersoll Rand, Larsen & Toubro, LM Windpower, Lucy Electric, Meritor CVS, NetApp, Newell Brands, SKF, Schneider Electric, Qualcomm, Tata Group, Thomas & Betts, Trelleborg, United Technologies, have leveraged the Functional Innovation® Methodology to enable its people to consistently generate profitable ideas, in a way that is easy, effective and enjoyable.

At the workshop, you will learn to use a set of powerful heuristic tools to generate great ideas systematically.


Target Audience :

  • CXO’s and Leaders in Management, Middle Managers responsible for driving growth
    • product innovation,
    • process improvements and transformation,
    • business strategy development
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to take forward their start-up to the next stage of growth

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