Onyeka Onwenu launches Memoir on Kotigo

Veteran Female music artist, Onyeka Onwenu unveiled her new book a memoir titled “Her Father’s Daughter”. Onyeka Onwenu who is well known for keeping her personal life under wraps explains that this book sheds more light on her life as a musician, activist, wife, mother, and politician.

The book’s editor, Ngozi Osu dubbed the literary work as a “story of life, love and living” which revealed different sides of the broadcaster cum politician.

“My father’s daughter is a riveting narration of Onyeka Onwenu’s entrailing journeys through life,” she said.

“This book is deeply personal and emotional, it is about strength of purpose in the face of adversities… Onyeka’s story is laced with wits. It is a story of life, love and living.”

Meanwhile, the memoir also has an audiobook which is now available on the Kotigo App a subsidiary of Bridge57.

Simply click here: https://kotigo.page.link/T8Ro

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