To enrich online teaching and learning of Mathematics in Nigeria

What is HeyMath! ?

HeyMath! is a web-based platform on online learning. It was developed in 2000 in collaboration with University of Cambridge, with the mission to upskill teachers and enable success for every student in Mathematics through engaging teaching methodologies, adaptive assessments and personalized learning paths.

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Features of HeyMath!

Simplified Multimedia Contents

HeyMath! teaches mathematics using comprehensible videos with graphical illustrations and motion pictures.

Advanced Tools for Classrooms

HeyMath has in-built tools for scheduling class periods, assignments submission durations, quizzes and exams timers and more...

Adapted for Nigerian Schools

It comes bundled with course content tailored to Nigerian school syllabus from Primary to Secondary School.

Adaptive Learning Path

HeyMath delivers customized learning based on the child’s learning patterns and performances.

Tools for Quizzes, Tests and Exams

HeyMath! allows students to take practices questions, quizzes, assignments or CAs pre-bundled on the platform or set by their teacher.

Customizable Lesson

Lesson content available to students of a school can be customized or updated by their teacher.

Subscription Plans

School Plan
For School and Institutions
per child for 1 month payable annuallyPurchase
Features Included
100 - 500 Students
1 Year
Personalized Lessons
Student Performance Tracking
Add Customized Lessons
Add Customized Quizzes
Platform Workshops
Parent Plan
For Individuals and students
per month payable annuallyPurchase
Features Included
1 Child
1 Year
Personalized Lessons
Lesson Progress Tracking
Personalized Summer Lessons

Mobile App Coming Soon

The mobile apps are coming to Nigeria soon. But while the mobile app for the platform is still under development, all features are fully functional and available on the web platform.